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For the past 4 months I've been shooting the cover of a couple local neighborhood magazine for Best Version Media.

Last month the feature was on Hank Brennan, a gentleman who is devoting a big part of his time to help others. He drives a Christmas decorated car year round collecting refundable beverage containers from businesses and private donors then converts that money into gift cards for local coffee shops and food chain stores, and passes them out to the homeless and needy families.

The assignment called for a portrait of him and his car. My concept was to portrait him as a super hero so those parameters along with the fact that February is not the most festive looking month here made it a tricky shot to pull off. Not to mention Hank is a very humble man and a lot more comfortable behind his camera ( he actually is a videographer ) rather than in front of someone else's camera. I was also under a tight deadline and only had a small window of opportunity to get this done. It ended up requiring 2 shoots as I wasn't happy with the results of my first attempt. In the end it was well worth the extra effort as I'm really happy how it turned out.

The world needs more people like Hank Brennan!

Thanks Hank for being so generous and kind to others.


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