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photo of Marc De Vinci
creative  photography

Photography has been a lifelong passion for me.

I am fascinated by its ability to freeze a moment in time, the perfectly timed shot, the documentary aspect of it, the "being there". Making sometimes the simple capture of a fleeting smile absolutely grandiose.


Then the other aspect of photography, the digital darkroom where manipulation, post processing allow to create images that  express more than what was originally there. The world not as it was seen and captured but how one wants you to see it.

I am equally inspired by technology and the infinite creative possibilities it offers just as much as the pursuit of balance of light and shadows, form and shape in the "purer" form of B&W photography.


Beyond the technical aspect of capturing and retouching a photo I particularly enjoy the creative process. Coming up with a concept or unique ideas, scouting for location etc. whether it is for a simple portrait or a more artistic or experimental image.


We live in a world of extreme sensory stimulation. I strive to create images that will mesmerize and will keep the viewer coming back for another look.

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