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Compositing For FUN

Covid-19 has impacted greatly my ability to work. There are signs of reprise but things are still very quiet. I've kept busy in various ways. One of which was to practice my compositing. Compositing is the art of taking a subject and placing it in a different environment. There are several things to nail properly to "sell" the resulting image. Lighting on the subject must match the light source of the new environment, there must be shadows where they would be expected, the colours have to match and last but not least the scale and perspective must also fit the scene.

I have a keen interest in creative image making, graphic design. I wanted to do more surreal images where the scale isn't right but where all the other rules are still respected. It did take me a while to train my eye to see how to spot images that could be combined.

Here are a few examples of my experimentation using stock images.

Composite done by Marc De Vinci
Guy sitting on a building

Composite done by Marc De Vinci
Woman lounging over highway

Composite done by Marc De Vinci
Woman crossing a river


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