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I wanted to share an example of a real life situation where my photoshop skills allowed me to offer a better service for my clients.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of this lovely couple. There was this image they were quite fond of and asked me if it was possible to remove the people around them. Now I had told them I was pretty good with editing and that I could do head swaps (common term for the technique of taking the face/expression of someone in one image and putting it in another similar one, which can be quite useful for group shots or otherwise perfect shots where one person is blinking etc.). However this was not the case of a simple head swap and I'll be honest that my first reaction was that it was not going to be possible.

Before photo of a couple surrounded by people

I did not want to tell them a categorical no before I further investigated the options. After I carefully surveyed the other images that I had (thankfully I did take a lot of photos) I realized I had other similar shots that I could combine to fill and replace the people. Still, I was quite skeptical I could pull this off and make it look natural.

After photo of a couple with the people surrounding them removed

Well it turned out to be a bit of a Frankenstein file, having to use bits and pieces from 7 images but I was quite happy with the finale result. What do you think? If you only saw the second image could you tell it was heavily edited?


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