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B&W Architecture

I'm a big fan of graphic images. Simple lines and curves. Vancouver isn't particularly a Mecca for interesting architecture although there has been some effort to change that in recent years. So I was quite delighted when I stumble across this parking lot in New Westminster. I was scouting for a completely different type of location but when I looked up on this structure I saw the opportunity for a very cool photo.

I just loved the curves and how abstract it looked, almost alien / futuristic in a 50's way! Yet it seemed something was missing. I went back this time accompanied by actor extraordinaire Roberto Lanzas who kindly accepted to be that human figure I needed to complete the shot. It added an element of mystery and focal point.

Then taking a few steps forward and looking up I had this other shot. I was really excited and grabbed my 16-35mm wide angle and found the sweet spot for this ever more graphic image. The shape and lines were quite hypnotic and intriguing. Almost too abstract if it weren't for that fence at the top. Again felt incomplete without a human element. I instructed Roberto to get up there and he stroke the perfect pose to add to the story. It was raining that afternoon and I was pointing my camera to the sky so I had to wipe my lens several times but managed to get the shot!



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