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A man receives a phone call that turns his world upside down and does his best to deal with the after math.

Stylish silent film with evocative and powerful music

Canada - 2018 - 14 min

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The Director

Marc De Vinci is a Vancouver based photographer. This being his first film he had to do everything himself and found a way to tell this short story with no budget and the resources at hand and... of course with the help of friends! 

He wrote, filmed, directed and edited his short. He really hopes he can find collaborators for his next film.


Michel Duran

Born in Saint-Etienne, France  Michel Duran lived his childhood between the southeast part of France and La Rochelle, on the Atlantic coast. He moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1997. An athlete turned actor, Duran is very much involved in independent film making, theatre and triathlon to keep in shape!



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Miles Ellis is not a homeless man, a medieval blacksmith, a larping wizard or one of Jack Sparrow's pirates; he just plays one on TV. Originally from Edmonton Alberta, he is a local Vancouver indie actor.

Miles Ellis


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