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I had come across this location and instantly new I was going to eventually shoot a high fashion editorial there. I had been saving it for some time to get the right concept and team for it. I had work with model Dani Le Rose last year and I really wanted to work with her again. Then I had a session with model Naas Van Zyl. He somehow reminded me of Dani and I thought the two would make a great modeling pair looking like brother and sister, almost twins!

Thanks to Naas' connections, he suggested to bring on board designer Jason Siu whom he had met at the Vancouver Fashion week. I called up on one of my favorite make up artist Alison Ly Sun to join us.

Last but not least, I had photographer Nicholas Toglia who kindly offered to assist me moving and adjusting lights to work as efficiently as possible.

I'm really happy how the images came out. The editorial "Twin Peaks", reference to they sibbling like features but aslo the 2 set of twin towers at the location.

The set was published in SHUBA MAGAZINE #11 VOL.2


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