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A few weeks ago I entered a horror movie poster contest by PHLEARN and I won one year subscription to their Pro tutorials ! PHLEARN is Aaron Nace, photoshop guru and educator with the most popular photoshop youtube channel in the world with 1.5 Million followers. Everyone that uses photoshop knows him and has watched his videos and learned from him.

I've been working on developing my compositing and photoshop skills lately and when I came across that contest I thought the perfect excuse to try something creative and do something different than what I usually do. I opted for a humorous, 80's style horror movie poster called "The Fork Awakens". Needless to say, competition was fierce with over 500 entries world wide but I pulled through with a clever concept with a blend of humor and spookiness.

Intensive photoshop learning ahead for me with full access to all his Pro tutorials.

Thanks Aaron !


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