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B&W no humans no explanations!

A weeks ago, I was challenged by a friend on Facebook to take a B&W photo every day for a week without any humans or explanations. Now I am not one to shy away from a challenge so I decided to do it.

On day 1/7, I was quite busy and mid-afternoon I decided to take this shot of a wooden voodoo statue I bought in Dominican Republic (which was sold to me from a Haitian vendor walking the beach)

On day 2/7 it was one of those really wet Vancouver day and it was pouring rain pretty much all day. I really wanted to go out to take my shot. I have a neighbor who is a tree cutter and a few days ago had trimmed the big tree in my front yard. He had left his ladder and I thought the metallic brightness against the dark tree would make an interesting shot. The rain stopped and ran outside. Set my tripod and decided to paint with light. Using a small speedlight and an umbrella I took multiple exposures moving the light around the ladder while remotely triggering my camera with my phone.

Day 3/7 was another wet day! I had done a product shoot in the morning and as I was taking down my setup I thought of taking a close up photos of a fork. Not super inspired but I liked the details in the forks plus I had to get dinner ready asap!

On day 4/7 I went out with my daughter looking for Halloween costumes. I took my camera hoping to find an interesting subject. Came across this metal sculpture sitting high up on a pole. I really like how abstract and intriguing the edges look against a dull sky. It somehow reminds me of a sort of microscopic photo.

Day 5/7, I had noticed this full size bronze camel sculpture near where I live on the corner of Keith Rd and Lonsdale Ave. A new complex built recently there where a Whole Foods was supposed to open (but won't after all) and there is that camel! I'm not sure if it's going to be there permanently but it was rather unusual sight. Decided to go there and tried all sort of angles until I found this one that I really liked.

On day 6/7 I decided to do another abstract photo. This time using double exposure of a tree near my favorite grocery store.

Finally on day 7/7, I wanted to do a long exposure. I went down an industrial area on a Sunday morning looking for symmetry and came across these buildings.

And there it was, I had completed the challenge. It was fun to day and makes me want to do more B&W and think outside the box!


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